Marc Smeehuijzen
User Experience Designer



Homepage navigation, support journey and annual report


Philips offers a wide variety of consumer electronics and wanted an intuitive and responsive navigation system for their homepage so that consumers easily find the products they seek. Philips also provides product support such as answering questions, troubleshooting and repairs. This support is partly provided by telephone and to cut costs, this had to happen more online. For this, the support journey had to be mapped. Finally, each year Philips presents its annual results on its Annual Report website and this website had to be redesigned and made responsive.
May 2016 (1 month), Jun. 2016 (1 month) and Oct. - Nov. 2016 (2 months)
I assisted in the design of the homepage navigation for Philips products (both for mobile and desktop) and created a clickable prototype. I also analyzed the support journey in a workshop with Philips employees and proposed an improved online support experience through sketches and wireframes. Finally, I made a new design and prototype of the Philips Annual Report website (both for mobile, tablet and desktop) with a Philips visual designer.
Scetches, wireframes and prototypes.
Wireframes in Axure and Illustrator, prototypes in Axure.
User Intelligence

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