Marc Smeehuijzen
Freelance UX Consultant

Update 26 June 2019

Now doing UX consultancy for Royal Schiphol Group (via Jungle Minds).

Available April 1, 2020


Marc Smeehuijzen
Maasstraat 190-3
1079 BL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Mobile: +31 06 - 24 525 136

What is UX?

UX stands for User Experience and is about a user's complete appraisal of an information system (application, website) - from the first impression to long term use. An important element of this experience, and crucial for the system's success, is the usability.

What do I do?

I advise on UX strategy and design and test applications and websites on usability for all kinds of devices like desktop, tablet and mobile. My services include:

Way of working

In agile projects I closely work together with the stakeholders, product owners and scrum teams who are building the system. I'm an advocate of User Centered Design which means frequently getting feedback from end users (for instance through a usability test) to check if the user experience is still 'on track'. Besides UX, I always focus on the business goals of a system and the technical feasability because all these factors have to be balanced to achieve success.


I have been working in the UX field since 2000. While getting my master degrees in Medical Information Science and Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, I worked as an interaction designer and usability specialist for Microsoft and TNO and later I was Lead User Experience for Logica for 3 years. By now I have worked in a number of different industries including finance, government, healthcare and transport. See also my Portfolio.

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