Marc Smeehuijzen
User Experience Designer

Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen


Correctional institutions registration


Dienst Justitiƫle Inrichtingen is the Dutch Agency of Correctional Institutions and is part of the Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice. Annually the agency locks up 70.000 people in prisons, penitentiaries and youth institutions after a judge's verdict. A number of old information systems was being used for the registration of the lock-ups and had to be replaced by one overarching web application: CA-JIS (Capacity and Justiciable Information System).
Feb. 2006 - Feb. 2008 (2 year)
My activities included creating the interaction design of the web application (e.g. the justiciable search system, the justiciable dossier and the registration of cases, offenses and verdicts. Furthermore I did a usability test, an expert review and multiple paper prototyping sessions of a number of designs. In addition I did a field study in which I joined the administration staff of a number of correctional institutions for a few days. I also created general interaction guidelines for the CA-JIS developers.
Wireframes, flow diagrams, user profiles, expert review report, usability test report, field study report, interaction guidelines document.
Web application in Java, wireframing in Axure, reports in Microsoft Word, usability testing with TechSmith Morae.

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