Marc Smeehuijzen
User Experience Designer



Dashboard design for smart assets & buildings


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the largest airport in the Netherlands and one of the busiest in Europe. The airport is still growing its number of passengers every year and it is a challenge to keep all assets (e.g. passenger bridges, lifts, moving walkways, toilets) free of disturbances and to make the Schiphol buildings more sustainable. That is why the Smart Assets & Buildings department was established at Schiphol Digital at the end of 2018. Here projects were started to equip assets and buildings with sensors that continuously measure their performance. One of the projects is SmartVOP, which focuses on aircraft stands (called VOP's or the parking spaces of aircraft) and another project is SmartBuildings, which focuses on the energy consumption and health of Schiphol buildings. Both projects required dashboards that provided a clear insight into their performance.
Jun. 2019 - Feb. 2020 (8 months)
For the SmartVOP project I did user research (including shadowing sessions at the Schiphol Operations department and interviews with the Cluster Buiten team) and designed dashboards (wireframes). For the SmartBuildings project I designed dashboards (wireframes and prototype) based on interviews.
Concepting sketches, wireframes and prototype.
Sketch and InVision.

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